Logistic Trucks
About Us

Bomsie Logistics is the pioneer in technology-enabled logistics

A reputable and leading logistics service company that provides investors with consistent growth and excellent returns. Thousands of customers rely on us as a highly integrated network of people and technology to efficiently handle their goods transportation across Pakistan.

Why is Bomsie Logistics the Best Option?

A robust transporter network ensures that there is always a top-class transporter ready to take your purchase, with each member being carefully inspected for quality and reliability.

You'll never be in the dark about your order thanks to real-time, GPS-enabled tracking, online record keeping and maintenance, and live status updates. You won't even need to contact to check on it!

We put the order in your hands with an easy and flexible order formation procedure that includes an online form, your preferred rate, and automated connection to the right transporter for you, all with the ease of being available with only a Smartphone.

Our Vision

To become the Country's greatest innovator in logistics and supply chain management.

Bomsie Logistics provide our customers with the best value for miles and money by using a "more for less" approach. We structure ourselves for collaborative strength by developing relationships with strategic and respected partners who assist us in achieving our business objectives through customer-oriented policies that provide a competitive advantage in all of the services we provide.

Our Mission

To operate our fleet with efficiency, dependability, safety, and cost effectiveness in order to satisfy all customers.

Our Strength

We deliver a transparent end-to-end logistics management solution to a diverse range of clients from various industries.

Company Values

We believe in establishing great client connections and maintaining their trust. Our success is built on our commitment to providing excellent service.

Corporate Responsibilities

We aim to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, to respect human rights, and to contribute to community development.